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Four worthies to join Knappa Wall of Fame

June 2013

KNAPPA — The Wall of Fame Committee of Knappa School District has announced the 2013 Wall of Fame Inductees, Scott Ryon, Karen (Raihala) Burke, Paul (George) Hummasti and Florence (Palmrose) Peugh.

The Knappa Wall of Fame started in 2006, and inducted its first members in 2007 to recognize alumni who have excelled in their chosen field, and to inspire students who graduate from a small high school and show that it does not limit the potential of success.

Nominees, living or deceased, must have attended Knappa High School for two years and graduated from the school. They also must have been graduated at least 15 years before being eligible for consideration.

Nominees must also have demonstrated acceptable character, possess positive personality traits, pursued occupations of social responsibility and also have made a significant contribution to society beyond a successful career, and/or have contributed substantially to community service.

Wall of Fame • 2013

Scott Ryon ~ Class of 1971

Mr. Ryon is a 1971 Knappa High School graduate.  He started his career at Astoria Police Department and he is now a retired Washington County Investigations Sergeant with thirty-one years of experience.  He served as a patrol officer, patrol sergeant, deputy, senior deputy, detective, patrol sergeant, detective sergeant, and interim division lieutenant before retiring.  Mr. Ryon currently is employed with Northwest Regional Educational Service District as a truancy enforcement officer.  Mr. Ryon has received numerous awards during his career and with his wife Liz, has volunteered countless hours to multiple community services.



 Karen (Raihala) Burke ~ Class of 1964

Ms. Burke is a 1964 Knappa High School graduate.  She was the Valedictorian of her 1964 class.  From there she attended Emanuel Hospital School of Nursing in Portland.  She graduated as a registered nurse in 1967.  After that came nursing work, marriage, two children and several moves around the State with her husband’s career.  Her family returned to the Portland area in 1978 and she began preparing for her next career phase, Nursing Education.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree at OHSU in nursing and then a Master’s Degree at the University of Portland as a Nurse Practitioner.  She then returned to the Knappa area with the inception of the nursing program at Clatsop Community College.  She eventually was the director of the program.  She has been very active throughout the State in nursing education and remains active today with doing educational consultant work for the Board of Education.



Paul (George) Hummasti ~ Class of 1963

Mr. Hummasti was a 1963 graduate of Knappa High School.  He was the valedictorian of the 1963 class.  After high school, Mr. Hummasti earned a history degree from Reed College and then a Master’s and Doctoral Degree from the University of Oregon.  He taught history at the University of Oregon, California State University at Chico, University of California at San Diego, Texas Tech, and at Missouri State University.  He also taught as a guest professor at the University of Tampera in Finland, and at Imperial College in London.  He did research on Finnish immigration and socialism.  He published a book “Finnish Radicals in Astoria, Oregon, 1904-1940: A Study in Immigrant Socialism.”  He was co-creator of the films “Remembering Uniontown” and “Steam Whistle Logging”, available at the Clatsop County Historical Society.  Mr. Hummasti regretfully passed away in 2010.



Florence (Palmrose) Peugh ~ Class of 1955

Ms. Peugh was a 1955 graduate of Knappa High School.  After high school, Ms. Peugh attended Oregon College of Education in Monmouth.  Her teaching career began with the Tehachapi Unified School District in the late 1950’s.  She also taught in Susanville School District, Fresno Unified School District, and Reef Sunset Unified School District.  In the early 70’s, Ms. Peugh was Training Administrator for Pertec Computer Corporation in Woodland Hills California.  The Pertec Company grew to over 1000 employees.  It was during that time that she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration for the University of Redlands.  She then went on to teach business office occupations for the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Ms. Peugh received a best teacher award in 1999.  Upon returning to the Knappa area in 2006, Ms. Peugh, along with husband Curtis, have been very active in the Knappa Community.  Volunteering many hours to community and school efforts.


Wall of Fame • 2012
Shawn Teevin • Class of 1978
Dr. Wayne Johnson • Class of 1965
Terry Aarnio • Class of 1964

Wall of Fame • 2011
Richard "Dick" Gerttula • Class of 1936 
Richard Engblom • Class of 1951
Charlotte Langsev • Class of 1953

Wall of Fame • 2010
Frank "Bud" Frost • Class of 1944 
Rea Raihala Christoffersson • Class of 1963 
Dr. Hannu Laukkanen • Class of 1970 
Dr. Rick Pass • Class of 1972 

Wall of Fame • 2009
James Elliott • Class of 1925 
Clarence “Snooky” Barendse • Class of 1942  
Eileen Cheuvront  • Class of 1952 
Dr. Robert Zurcher  • Class of 1977

Wall of Fame • 2008
Mrs. Katherine McIntyre • Class of 1925 
Mrs. Martha Boentgen Miller • Class of 1937 
Mr. Russell Dybvik • Class of 1955  
Mark Salisbury, Ph.D., • Class of 1973

Wall of Fame • 2007
Velma Koppisch Vlastelicia • Class of 1924 
Walter E. Newberg • Class of 1937 
Dr. Virgil H. Freed • Class of 1938 
Dr. Theodore Ivarie • Class of 1954

The selection committee continues to seek nominations for additions to the "Wall."  While a limit has been set on the number to be inducted each year, candidates not immediately selected will be placed in a pool for future consideration.  Nominees may be living or deceased, must have attended KHS for at least two years, and have graduated at least 15 years before being eligible for consideration.

Complete information and nomination instructions are found on the nomination form or you can obtain a copy at the high school office.