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We are offering several summer programs for enrichment and credit recovery. All KSD students are welcome to participate! If you are enrolling more than one student in these programs, please fill out one form for each student.  Meals and transportation are available.

Read the course descriptions below. Please contact the school or district office with any questions.


To enroll in the HIGH SCHOOL session for June, click here.

August 2021 Offerings

Knappa Adventure Camp (8/9-8/20)

Students will explore local ecosystems and energy sources on and off campus around Knappa.  Hands-on learning with multiple outdoor adventures awaits your student(s).  Prepare for multisensory literary, mathematical, scientific, musical, and social study learning activities.  Expect to get messy and be involved in a variety of activities. The culminating day will be a special trip into Portland. Led by HLE staff.

GRADE LEVEL: any incoming 1st-8th grade student

CAPACITY:  30 students

KHS Social Studies Camp (TBA)

If possible, students will spend a half day on a boat touring the Columbia River and learning about local history. Led by Jeff Miller

GRADE LEVEL: any incoming 9th-12th grade student


Performing Arts Camp (8/9-8/20)

Led by Jim Achilles.

8:30-9:10 Ukulele: Learn the basics of playing the ukulele, from tuning to notes to chords and rhythms. Everything you learn on the Uke transfers to the guitar and other strummed instruments. Ukuleles are provided, or bring your own. 4th grade and up!

9:15-10:30 Leadership Arts: Grow your abilities to impact others by leading, coaching, and guiding students in the summer elementary music classes. Under the direction of Mr. Achilles, you will help younger students learn and participate in the music program (open to grades 7-12).

10:45-11:45 Performing Arts: Work with other students under the direction of Mr. Achilles to produce a short performance of music and drama. Learn the basics of performing in front of others. Participate in a Friday night performance (August 20). 4th grade and up!

11:50-12:20 Marimba Magic: In the process of working with a variety of fun marimba tunes, learn more about reading, playing, and performing music as a team. Participate in a performance on Friday night, August 20. 4th grade and up!

1:00-3:00 Private Lessons: Sign up for 25 minute private lessons with Mr. Achilles. Learn guitar, bass, voice, piano, brass, or woodwind instruments. 4th grade and up!

Metal Shop Camp (8/9-8/13)

Students will do a week long sign-making project, learning about each step of the process: Drafting, designing, prepping, tool making, etching, and finishing. Led by Mike Rathfon.

GRADE LEVEL: any incoming 7th-12th grade student


KHS Life Fitness Camp (8/16-8/20)

Students will enjoy a variety of outdoor fitness activities for high school credit or just for fun! Kayaking, geocaching, golfing, hiking, and more! Led by Kirk Miller.

GRADE LEVEL: any incoming 9th-12th grade student

High School Success Boot Camp (8/23-8/25)

Students will spend Monday attending mini-sessions designed to equip them for high school academics and introduce them to the KHS staff. Tuesday will begin with a mock schedule walk through to get the lay of the building. The rest of the day will be spent at the beach cleaning up our beautiful coastline! The boot camp will end on Wednesday with a day trip to Tree to Tree Adventure Camp in Gaston, OR. Students and staff will engage in team-building activities to start the year off with good relationships. Led by the high school staff.

GRADE LEVEL: any incoming freshman or sophomore