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October 3, 2022

Welcome to October! As we begin the second month of school, it is nice to have some normalcy to the way school feels. Monitoring case counts, complying with mask mandates, and the general stress of the COVID period seem to, at least for now, be in the rear view mirror. We remain in contact with the health department, and we are following safety protocols, but school feels like pre-COVID again

Mon Oct 03 03:28 PM

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September 22, 2022

School is now in full swing. It is so nice to be back to a normal year. In the classrooms, we can see teachers implementing newly learned literacy strategies with the support of our new curriculum. Students seem to be in good spirits in both schools. The preschool students are getting the hang of how to “do school.”

Fri Sep 23 05:57 PM

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September 15, 2022

It was wonderful to welcome our preschool and kindergarten students back to school on Monday. Last week, the teachers had the opportunity to meet individually with parents so that we all could launch the year on the right foot.

Thu Sep 15 04:42 PM

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September 7, 2022

Back to School Edition! We are so excited to finally be starting school. We have spent the summer planning, hiring personnel, updating our facilities, training our teachers and support staff, purchasing school buses, providing summer learning programs, and doing preliminary work related to the bond construction project.

Wed Sep 07 07:18 PM

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August 25, 2022

As summer is nearing an end, we are excited about the start of school. The roofing work at the high school is completed. The grounds, maintenance, and custodial teams are finishing up their cleaning, pulling weeds, and painting. Teachers will be “back to school” in the next two weeks doing professional development and getting prepared for the students to arrive.

Thu Aug 25 11:52 AM

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July 7, 2022

While our students have been on summer vacation, we have been working hard to prepare for the fall. This includes facility improvements and we just received our new school bus!

Thu Jul 07 04:15 PM

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June 15, 2022

We wish you a wonderful summer! Graduation, promotion, and the surrounding festivities have been fun. We wish the graduates well as they depart to make a difference in the world. We also would like to honor Sharon Thrasher, who is retiring after 19 years in the Knappa School District. Thank you to her for influencing so many students in a positive way.

Wed Jun 15 05:02 PM

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June 10, 2022

The last two weeks of school are times of celebration! Monday night, Knappa High School held National Honor Society Induction. All this week is outdoor camp. Tuesday was Senior Dessert. Friday is Graduation Practice. Saturday is Graduation. Monday is Promotion. June 16 is Field Day.

Fri Jun 10 06:07 PM

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June 2, 2022

Wow…it is June already. Time flies when we’re having fun. We are soon to be enjoying end of the year festivities. Last week was May week at KHS and students were engaged in many enjoyable activities, including service projects. Next week is 6th grade outdoor camp. HLE Field Day will occur on June 16th. Graduation will be on June 11th, with Promotion on June 13th.

Thu Jun 02 07:15 PM

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May 25, 2022

We want your input. We want to hear your perspective on the district’s current use of the Student Investment Act Resources as well as your thoughts on how to use next year’s resources. Please find a link to the survey on our website and let us know what you think.

Wed May 25 05:22 PM